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Updated: May 17

What do you need to know about Zero series:

The Zero series is exclusively available on the Netflix network, it lasts 8 episodes which are short of about 27 minutes each and it is a very mediocre series. Zero wants to show us the problem of the minority in some European countries and focuses on Omar, a young man who lives in poverty working in a pizzeria as a delivery man where he will fall in love with Anna, a rich girl. But in the series, they have made a mistake and have not registered the genre of serie correctly as it states that it is a type of Action, Comedy, Drama and yes I agree with them but there is another genre that they have to add sooner or later and it is that of fantasy. The series runs normally but at some point, you will see that the young Omar has supernatural powers and can become invisible, maybe this is the failure of the plot, I am sure that if they did it normally without such things, the score of the series would be close to 7/10 but at the moment it is hovering towards 5/10. The series does not clarify from the first episode about Omar's abilities and until the end of the second episode you try to understand exactly what is happening with its plot, this does not help the viewer and maybe it becomes annoying. It is a mediocre to bad series in all respects that in a few months will not even be recommended on Netflix because it hurts the image of the network.

Zero - Anna and Omar
Anna and Omar (Zero)

Zero plot by Cinemoviez:

Omar is a young man who works in a pizzeria and through his work meets a rich girl Anna and falls in love with her. Omar, having many financial problems and seeing how much injustice exists around him, decides to use his ability to become invisible to change the economic balance in his area.

Pros and cons of Zero series:

The positives are the good acting of the actors and the sweet love story of Omar and Anna. The negatives appeared from the first episode which does not make it clear what is the sequel of the series and we have to watch the second episode to understand. Also, the low budget production was seen a lot and the Zero series could not be saved because I think it was doomed to failure from the beginning.

Zero - Omar becomes invisible
Omar (Zero) becomes invisible

Rating by Cinemoviez:

The rating for the Zero series is 6/10 because it is mediocre to bad and if you have not watched it then better watch something else.

Will there be a second Season for Zero?

We got a lot of quality in the first season so there will be no second season for the Zero series unless Netflix wants to start losing subscribers. The end of the first season shows us that there will be a second season but it was not so successful to do something like that.

Zero cover


Title: Zero

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama

Runtime: 1 Season 8 Episodes ~27 Minutes each

Network: Netflix

CMZ rating: 6/10

Release Date: 21 April 2021

Watch Zero Trailer below:

Thank you for reading my post and I would like to say that I always want to write the truth about what I believe even if it is negative comments about a movie or series and I will never try to motivate you to watch something that does not worth your time.

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