Warrior Nun Review

Updated: May 18

Warrior Nun Review:

The Netflix Warrior Nun series is for those who like to watch a kind of adventure and fantasy, it is unique in its kind as its plot is original and contains a religious content but to a small degree.The direction is good but the performance of the actors is not. Maybe the roles of the actors were to blame, but the only ones who stood out are Alba Baptista (Ava) and Toya Turner (Shotgun Mary).I do not think Baptista (Ava) has played a better role in her career as a main actress and for Toya Turner (Shotgun Mary) we really liked her style and the expressions that made her look like a badass woman.The special effects used in the series are good enough for such a plot and many who rushed to negatively criticize the effects of the Warrior Nun can go and watch the avengers cause the Warrior Nun has the effects that should have, nothing less nothing more.We believe that the target audience is 16~25 years old but it can be fun for older ages as well.The only negative we found in the TV-Series is the sound that did not give its own color and we found it quite neutral to negative I would say.It was generally rated low by all the websites although we found it as good as Netflix for the same reason and it was announced that there will be a second season without the date of publicity being announced yet.Our ratings for this series are at 7.5 for the first season and we wait for the second.

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Plot by Cinemoviez:

After waking up in a morgue, an orphaned teen discovers she now possesses superpowers as the chosen Halo Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns.

Alba Baptista actress
Alba Baptista

Alba Baptista:

Let's take a look at the actress Alba Baptista who is just 23 years old and managed to get 8 nominations so far.

She is beautiful and with the characteristics she has she can easily play in any kind of role that would be assigned to her.The TV series Warrior Nun may not have made her one of the best actors on the list, but it certainly got a lot of publicity and became now world famous in the area. After all, who has not heard of the Warrior Nun? We expect a lot more from Alba Baptista in the future and this is just a great start.


Premiere Date: 2 July 2020

Creator: Simon Barry

Genre: Adventure – Fantasy

Runtime: 1 Season 10 Episodes ~45 Minutes per episode

Network: Netflix

Rating: 7.5

Watch trailer Warrior Nun:

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