The Worst Movies of January

WARNING !!!! do you love your life ?? do you like watching movies ?? then we will warn you for your own good and for you time to don't be wasted.Don't you ever watch LIKE A BOSS and DOLITTLE.


Why in the blue hell this movie trying to be a comedy ??? come on guys this one isn't a comedy cause things are happening and no one is lauhing !!! we start watching this movie and in the middle of it we couldn't wait to end.You laugh only one time's the time when someone told you that this movie is a COMEDY !!!!! xD


To enjoy this movie you need to have a lot of imagination if you don't then you want last until the end of the movie.At least the animals are very well designed and we can recommend this movie ONLY to watch it with your family and if you have little kids.But for an adult is a waste of time.

Trailer here Trailer here

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