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Updated: May 24

Anna Fox

What do you need to know about The Woman in the Window movie:

The new Netflix movie The Woman in the Window has caused a great deal of interest to the audience, but the question is whether it deserves so much publicity or not. The answer is that it is too mediocre to deserve so much publicity, everything shows that it will not last more than 2 months. The film is about an agro-phobic woman who watches everything from the windows of her house and one night she witnesses a crime committed in the next-door house to her neighbors. She tries to explain to the authorities what has happened but because of the pills she takes and the alcohol she consumes every day it makes her look crazy and not convince anyone. But what is the truth? is she really crazy or has someone set her up to look crazy? The movie is quite interesting and I can say that I really liked its plot and not so much its direction, we must also say that lately, we are constantly watching movies with a good plot but bad direction from the Netflix network. The movie The Woman In The Window is inspired by a 2018 bestseller by Daniel Mallory and indeed the title of the film is exactly the whole film with one sentence. It does not have a special environment because the whole duration of the film takes place in a house, it may be a bit boring, but if for a woman who is an agoraphobic protagonist, then you consider it completely normal. Before watching the movie I did not know what exactly agoraphobic is and as soon as it was over I said that I may not have liked the movie so much but at least I learned something.

The Woman in the Window plot by Cinemoviez:

Anna Fox is an agoraphobic woman who lives alone watching the lives of her neighbors on a daily basis. One night, while watching her new neighbors, she witnessed a crime and tries in every way to prove to the authorities what happened without anyone seeming to believe her because she can prove nothing.

 Anna Fox watches in the window
Anna Fox

Pros and cons of The Woman in the Window movie:

The positives of the film are its good and interesting plot, it is also worth noting that the actress Amy Adams who plays Anna Fox had very good acting here and deserves a lot of congratulations. Another positive is that at some point the film will make you not really know if the protagonist is right or wrong and that makes it unpredictable. The downside is that once again they took a novel, made it into a movie and it turned out to be a complete failure for those who have read the novel. I also did not like the direction of Joe Wright at all and there are some annoying mistakes. For example, you will watch Anna Fox get injured and immediately stop the bleeding as if time has frozen, I will not say anything more, watch it and draw your own conclusions. It could be a very good movie because it has the plot it needs but the bad direction did not allow that to happen.

Rating by Cinemoviez:

At the moment the ratings of the film I can say are quite negative and it is a film that in general, the public does not like. My personal opinion is that it is a mediocre film with an interesting plot and it is one of the few movies with low ratings that I would recommend to a friend who likes the kind of crime, mystery. The rating for the movie The Woman in the Window is 7/10 because it is mediocre and I do not think it is so bad to be rated below 7 as several websites rated. It may be a low-budget movie but this is not a criterion that should play a role in the ratings of the movie as it is not a kind of fantasy with special effects.

Anna Fox thinks she might be crazy

What ruined the movie:

The movie did not go well because it lost many points from the book and did not let the audience understand exactly what happened to Anna Fox's relationship so that we could understand the facts better. it confused us a bit. Also throughout the film it gives us the feeling that something bad will happen at the end and will have good scenes in the finale but instead the end was to make you laugh and regret the time you watched it. When you have a ready-made book in your hands and you try to turn it into a movie, I think you have an easier job to do and it is a shame in the field of cinema to write comments that the book was much better than the movie that will not be able to be evaluated even above 6/10 in general ratings by everyone.

Amy Adams (Anna Fox):

What is the truth of Amy Adams and does it match the movie? To be honest no it does not match this role in this particular movie and it has been discussed a lot. Amy Adams became quite famous from the movie Enchanted (2007) and her career became very successful with the movie Arrival (2016) and perhaps most of them recognize her from these two movies. Amy Adams is a very good actress and was nominated for 6 Oscars which in the field of cinema is a great success as many actors never reach such a level. Unfortunately for her career, I believe that the woman in the window gave a bad image to Amy Adams' perfect acting work. Unfortunately, this movie did not make it into the third big movie she played but we will watch her again in the future for sure because she is an actress who has a lot of depth and talent in whatever role she plays.

The Woman In The Window cover


Title: The Woman in the Window

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Director: Joe Wright

Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes

Network: Netflix

CMZ rating: 7/10

Release Date: 14 May 2021

Watch The Woman In The Window movie trailer below:

Thanks for reading my post and I hope I informed you what you need for the movie The Woman In The Window. If you have already watched the movie I will be happy to read your comments below because that's what makes me a better columnist.

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