The Mess You Leave Behind Review

The mess you leave behind Review: The mess you leave behind is a Spanish Netflix TV series of one season and 8 episodes with a separate plot that will keep you interested until the last episode.It is not an expensive production but it has interest and achieves its purpose with a low cost.Anxiety, mystery and love are the three words that characterize ''The mess you leave behind'' series.The Netflix series is based on the novel of the same name winner of the Primavera 2016 award and this is another proof that the Spanish series have entered the netflix space with great success and we are lucky in this part because the bigger the global competition, the better quality we enjoy as viewers don't you agree ?

Plot: Raquel decides to give her marriage a second chance and goes to her husband's hometown for a new beginning.There she starts working as a literature teacher and discovers that there is a big mystery about the previous professor Viruca that she replaced.

Inma Cuesta
Actor Inma Cuesta

Raquel (Inma Cuesta): Inma Cuesta acting was excellent, she became one with the role of a teacher, I would say that if she was not an actress, it would be very suitable for her to become a teacher.In her appearance, however, she is a little unfair in the choice of clothes and the hat she wore in many scenes because she is one of the most beautiful Spanish women in the field of cinema, but the choice of the director who wanted to make her a daily school teacher is respected.


The ratings on IMDB are miserable and I can say we should learn to look around the world and not just one side that says American language and Hollywood.We live in 2020 and in a little while in 2021 wake up,those who rate on IMDB you have to do it right and not with prejudices so that all the viewers who are interested in watching The mess you leave behind series have a clear picture about it.At the moment the rating is 7/10 on IMDB and I am very afraid that it will not go above 7.4 so I as a true viewer rate the series with 8/10.I hope those who watch it have the same opinion otherwise I will be happy to read your comments at the end of the post and discuss it.

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The Mess You Leave Behind

Title: The mess you leave behin

Original Title: El desorden que dejas

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Creator: Carlos Montero

Runtime: 1 Season 8 Episodes

Storyline from IMDB: Based on the novel of the same name winner of the Primavera award 2016. Raquel, a young literature teacher, gives her marriage a second chance and moves to her husband's birth town, which hides a dark secret she will try to unravel.

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