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Updated: May 24

What do you need to know about The Innocent series:

The innocent is a short series of Netflix lasting 8 episodes that are quite enjoyable and interesting to watch because each episode is special so you do not get bored until the end. In each episode, something different happens and you can not predict who is really behind all this, as long as you watch it you will change your mind many times.

The Innocent is about Mateo Vidal who has just been released from prison and has made a steady life, a phone call comes that changes everything he knew. As you think he is someone from Vidal's past, you learn that his wife also has many secrets and that may be the cause of all the bad things that are happening. We are talking about a series that is a pity to be so small because it has so much anxiety that you will want to finish it all in one day. It does not have exaggerations because these can happen in real life and is one of the series that puts your mind to think and not just watch. We suggest adding it to your list on Netflix.

The Innocent - Mateo Vidal
Mateo Vidal at the time of the accident

Plot by Cinemoviez:

Mateo Vidal is jailed for negligent homicide for 4 years and when is released he makes a living with his beloved Olivia. Once their life has stabilized a phone call will change everything in the couple, the past leaves no one behind and many secrets will force them to try to prove their innocence.

Pros and cons of The Innocent series:

The Innocent positives are its very clever plot and the anxiety that will make you have for the sequel of the series. In general, everything was successful and this was seen because it was quickly loved by the public. The downsides are the big reviews they do in some episodes for some of the characters in the series but maybe that's its success as the Spanish series tend to do that.

The Innocent - Mateo and Olivia
Mateo and Olivia

Rating by Cinemoviez:

I found them all quite well and well done in all Spanish series that has not stopped surprising me in recent years. Without a doubt one of the best Netflix series in its genre. My rating for The Innocent series is 8.4 / 10.

Will there be a second season for The Innocent?

The end of the first season leaves a small window open for a second season but they have stated that it is a TV Mini-Series so it is difficult to watch a second season. Of course, if it is a huge success you never know what will happen in the future.


Title: The Innocent

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Runtime: 1 Season 8 Episodes ~55 Minutes each

Network: Netflix

CMZ rating: 8.4/10

Release Date: 30 April 2021

Watch The Innocent Trailer below:

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