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Updated: May 18

What you need to know about The Father:

The film ''The Father'' of Director Florian Zeller is a kind of drama that has to do with the dementia that appears in an elderly father Anthony (Anthony Hopkins). Anthony's daughter tries in every way to help her father but Anthony refuses any help without accepting the reality in the situation he is in. The plot of the film is very realistic as this situation that you will watch is a phenomenon that is constantly present in life and is difficult to deal with. Director Florian Zeller named the old father in the movie Anthony because the role was written for Anthony Hopkins and when the actor accepted to play the role the director said it is a dream come true. Florian Zeller is a director with vision since who else could be more suitable for this role than Anthony Hopkins ? The actor's best talent is in drama films that have a lot of speeches. Florian Zeller was so sure that this role suited Anthony Hopkins that he stated that if he did not accept the role then he would probably be shooting in French. The script was sent to Anthony Hopkins in 2017 and the director waited for a reply without having a second choice for the role in his mind because he didn't want any other actor to play this role. The truth is that those of you who have watched the movie will understand that this role is Anthony Hopkins without any doubt.

Anne and Anthony
Anne and Anthony

Rating by Cinemoviez:

The Father is a very good film that we recommend and it is worth watching because apart from being a film, it is also a reality that we may all face in the future. Their choice of actor Anthony Hopkins is perfect and the direction is quite good. It is a low budget film but it did not affect its performance at all. The movie was really a drama like its kind and my rating for ''The Father'' is 9.1 / 10 and of course it should be on your list.

Florian Zeller

Director Florian Zeller:

Florian Zeller is a French writer and director who has written more than 10 works that have been screened in more than 45 countries. Most of his works due to his origin are in French except for his new hugely successful "The Father" where he took a big step towards his worldwide recognition. He has won various awards in London, Paris, New York and still has a long way to go for presenting us more works since he is only 41 years old. He is at the appropriate age that a director has the knowledge and experience to create successes in the field of cinema.

The Father cover

Movie Info:

Title: The Father

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 97 Minutes

CMZ rating: 9,1/10

Release Date: 23 December 2020 (Spain)

Storyline by IMDB: A man refuses all assistance from his daughter as he ages. As he tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality.

Watch The Father Trailer:

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