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The Climb Review:

The movie ''The Climb'' is a very entertaining movie that will make you laugh with a lot of humor which you can easily watch with your family and entertain you from the beginning to the end.This is a script that is funny and at the same time keeps the seriousness of the case which could be a real story if someone assumes that the directors, screenwriters and actors are the same two people Mike (Michael Angelo Covino) and Kyle (Kyle Marvin) imagine what a strange plot the movie may have. The script begins with the two friends in the French countryside riding bicycles together when Mike waits for an exhausting climb to confess his previous relationship with Kyles wife.Kyle quickly tries to reach Mike for an explanation. Later they are in the hospital, where things get out of hand and there begins a movie about the relationship, friendship and trust with a great deal of fun.The acting is fantastic with nice sounds and the dialogues are short and effective without tiring you.

Michael Angelo Covino

Director Michael Angelo Covino:

Michael Angelo Covino can be said to be more of an actor than a director since as an actor he has acted in 12 movies where most of them are short and as a director he has directed 5 movies with not so much success if we exclude "The Climb" which is his first great success in his career and gives him great popularity.Let us hope that this new beginning of success will give him the impetus to present us with such work in the future.

The most difficult question about ''The Climb'' that was asked to the director Michael Angelo Covino during the interview he gave:

Reporter:I can imagine that when you’re writing this and drawing from your own relationship that that might be a fairly simple way to tackle your first feature. But were the conflicts as easy to write as the friendship parts of this relationship?

Michael Angelo Covino: I think the only thing that was shorthand for us was the way in which the characters spoke to each other. It just flowed out of us, but before that, we had to build the bones and the structure and figure out what the story was and what turns it was going to take and how we were going to test the friendship. But was it hard was the question.

You can read the full interview here

The Climb - Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin

The Climb Rating:

The rating of the movie according to IMDB at the moment is at 7.1 / 10 with 843 votes. I will not agree with this rating because the movie "The Climb" could easily approach 8/10 and that is why our rating is 8/10 I think it is quite fair. Here the director Michael Angelo Covino did a good job and made a clever simple and beautiful comedy and I can not believe it currently has 7.1 and misery like American Pie: Reunion to have 6.7. I really wonder sometimes if teenagers or adults vote on IMDB,although for the time being it is still early to find out the final rating it will get and this can take up to 1 year.At the same time on the other hand metacritic rates the movie with 82/100 which seems to be much more reliable and fair.Based on these two websites in the field of movies you can understand that the average rating of movie "The Climb" will be around 7.6.

What we liked about the movie '' The Climb '':

In the film there is a short and organic dialogue without abrupt time shifts that we usually watch in comedy movies. Due to the organic dialogue the film is able to incorporate its story in a short execution time without getting tired at any point in the film.Film and its flow makes you feel that this is a true story that may have happened to each of us at a stage in his life and that makes it so real that it makes you interested to watch it.

The Climb cover


Kyle and Mike are best friends who share a close bond - until Mike sleeps with Kyle's fiancée. The Climb is about a tumultuous but enduring relationship between two men across many years of laughter, heartbreak and rage. It is also the story of real-life best friends who turn their profound connection into a rich, humane and frequently uproarious film about the boundaries (or lack thereof) in all close friendships.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Runtime: 98 minutes

Release Date: 29 July 2020 France

13 November 2020 USA

Did you know ?

The movie "The Climb" was screened for the first time in the form of an 8-minute short film on January 19, 2018 at the Sundance Film Festival and the original full movie was screened on 17 May 2019 at the Cannes Film Festival

The whole movie in one sentence:

A brotherly relationship of love and hatred

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