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Sweet Home is an apocalyptic zombie drama, fantasy, horror which is available on the Netflix network and has a different approach to the zombie theme.It is worth watching it if you are a fan of this kind of zombie series but if you are not you will find it awful.The plot takes place quickly in just 10 episodes and you will not get tired, it is a mediocre mini-series so do not expect to watch any masterpieces here.There is too much imagination in the type of series and we could say that it is a stage after the zombie type series, I do not know if in the future such series will take place. It has to do with mutants but instead of zombies they are monsters with distinctive abilities, We are not used to such a plot and I can say that it is special and worth watching, but it is quite mediocre.

Sweet Home tv series Hyun

Plot by Cinemoviez:

Hyun, a loner high school student who lost his entire family in an accident is forced to survive in a new reality where monsters have dominated humanity.

Sweet Home Comic
Sweet Home Comic

Sweet Home is a comic:

Sweet Home made its debut on the webtoon app on January 15, 2018 as a comic and ended on September 29, 2020 with 140 episodes.Three months later Sweet Home made its appearance on the Netflix network as a mini-series with 10 episodes containing the whole comic, the audience wants to be one of the best drama-horror of this genre but the overdose of imagination has locked it in a mediocre position.Netflix has made several changes regarding the comic and did not follow the storyline faithfully, as a result it received negative comments from those who had read it on the webtoon app.It is a pity that this series did not take place even though its budget is 27,000,000 $.


Opinions in Sweet Home series are divided among the fans of the comic and those who watched it for the first time and for this reason the ratings of this series are difficult to make.The characters were similar to the comic so I can say that there was success here, the sound choices were good. Good direction and acting but I did not find anything perfect in the Sweet Home series to get a high score, it is a different zombie type approach but very mediocre.My rating for the Sweet Home is 7.4 / 10.

Sweet Home cover


Title: Sweet Home

Genre: Drama, Horror, Fantasy

Runtime: 10 Episodes ~52 minutes each episode

Network: Netflix

CMZ rating: 7,4/10

Release date: 18 December 2020

Storyline by IMDB: Hyun, a loner high school student who lost his entire family in a terrible accident, is forced to leave his home and has to face a new reality where monsters are trying to wipe out all of humanity. Now he must fight against all odds to try and race against the clock to save what is left of the human race before it's too late.

Watch Sweet Home Trailer below:

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