Stranger Review

Stranger Review:

A few words about it:

The TV-Series Stranger made its first appearance with the first two episodes on June 10, 2017 without having a large audience.Many did not believe that a Korean TV-Series Stranger could reach the top and become known worldwide as one of the best series of crime, drama, mystery.The big key to success is that you can never predict who the culprits are until the last episodes of each season and the whole plot is very clever, we have to say a big thumbs up to screenwriter Soo Yun Lee who has to spend a lot of time to achieve something like this in the Stranger.The TV-Series is available for watching on the Netflix network and we recommend it to you without any doubt.

Title: Stranger

Original Title: Bimilui Soop

Genre: Crime,Drama,Mystery

Runtime: 2 Seasons


Hwang Shi Mok is an exemplary prosecutor who suffered from hypersensitivity to certain sounds. After undergoing a brain surgery, he almost lost his sense of empathy and lacks social skills. While investigating a strange murder case, he meets police lieutenant Han Yeo Jin, and she assists him in solving it. As they begin to unravel the mystery behind the murders, they also discover that someone guides and someone hinders their efforts to unfold the secrets about a larger scheme of corruption between the government's Public Prosecutor's Office and a private conglomerate. Written by Wikipedia


My rating for Stranger is 10/10 and this is the first time that a TV-Series in this genre has excited me so much and of course for the first time I am rating a TV-Series so high.Right now its IMDB rating is 8.6 / 10 and although the scores are quite good I think it should be much higher.Stranger is from 2017, they have voted only 5036 on IMDB as they did not promote it enough to the public and for this reason it is slowly rising in publicity and ratings.

Why choose the stranger from all the TV-Series of this kind:

This is probably the first time you can watch a Korean series of this kind instead of an American one like Mindhunter.

It is very smart from start to finish and quite unpredictable.

It is one of the series that you become addicted to and you can not stay only in the first episode.

The sound in the top scenes is perfect and relevant when you watch it you will remember me.

A few words about the protagonist Cho Seung-Woo (Hwang Shi Mok):

Very good acting from Cho Seung-Woo who lived this role and gave his own color to the series. Most of you do not know him because he has not acted in movies and series that are known worldwide but in South Korea he is one of the most famous actors with many awards.He was called upon to pretend to be a very smart prosecutor with zero emotions and he did it perfectly, it is worth watching him later in other TV-Series.

Watch Stranger Trailer below (Sorry but there isn't any trailer with english subtitles in the internet available)

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