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Updated: May 17

What do you need to know about Stowaway (2021) Netflix movie:

Stowaway is a movie genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, available on the Netflix network

where it takes place in space with just four actors from beginning to end.

It has a plot that I can easily say did not convince anyone because it leaves many questions and there are serious mistakes that are against all logic. I started watching the movie with a lot of interest and devotion and in the end, I did not know if I should laugh or get upset with what I was watching.

Good acting by the actors, but the film's so bad direction also brings negative comments around it. It is one of the few times that if you ask me if it is worth watching Stowaway, my answer will be no, choose something else to watch.

Stowaway - David and Michael working together
David and Michael working together

Stowaway plot by Cinemoviez:

The crew of a spaceship shortly after taking off heading to the planet Mars finds an accidental stowaway. The supplies are not enough for one more passenger and everything is rolling against him. The crew has to make difficult choices to complete the task assigned to them.

Pros and cons of Stowaway movie:

The film has more negatives than positives and this is something we do not see often.

The positives are the good acting of the 4 actors, although we can say that they did not have a particularly difficult job in the Stowaway movie, but they did well. Also, the climate was realistic inside the spaceship and it had a nice picture.

The downside is that we did not learn throughout the film how exactly the stowaway ended up locked in at a point on the spacecraft and that left us with a very basic question. Secondly, the film runs very slowly and the events are few for the 116 minutes we watched. A third and crucial mistake that played a very big role in the critique of the film is that they forgot the law of gravity and that was very funny. In order not to spoil you something in the film, I will only tell you that outside the spaceship there is no gravity and you will find it in 2 scenes.

Stowaway - Zoe on a mission

Rating by Cinemoviez:

Who would have expected that in the year 2021 and while Netflix has reached the top in the last two years, it would give us such a bad movie with famous actors.

The only thing I liked is the atmosphere on the spaceship and the actors Daniel Dae Kim and Anna Kendrick. It was a promising movie but in the end, it turned out to be disappointing. My rating for the movie Stowaway is 5,5/10 and if you think it's worth something more I would be happy to read your opinion in the comments.

Stowaway cover


Title: Stowaway

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Runtime: 116 Minutes

Network: Netflix

CMZ rating: 5,5/10

Release Date: 22 April 2021

Storyline by IMDB:

A stowaway on a mission to Mars sets off a series of unintended consequences.

Watch Stowaway Trailer below:

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