Ragnarok Review

With this ancient Norwegian term many of us saw the title of the series and went crazy just with the idea of what they might watch.It is a series of 6 episodes where the number seems small but all the events playing very fast and keep you satisfied.the main actor who realizes that is Thor slowly learns about himself and his abilities so that will be ready for the Ragnarok.Very good serie and have in your mind that you are not going to watch thor from marvel studios so don't exept too much...

What Ragnarok means ?

Means the fate of the Gods and is the battle of the end of the world,the battle between Gods and Giants.

will there be a second season?

It is too soon for netflix to announce a second season but we truly believe that there will be a second season for sure.There are two reasons why we believe this theory,First is the ending of the last episode which give you the feeling there is something more to see and it was just the start of ragnarok.The second reason is that Netflix is very smart cause there is Vikings on the top of netflix series right now which means the audience are on this climate of series and netflix release a new series with the name Ragnarok !!!! only by it's name the whole netflix audience will watch it for sure.So the two series are connected because as long as Viking will be on the top of the list Ragnarok will follow.

Directors:   Adam Price

Genre:   Drama

1 Season 6 Episodes


 In the small fictional town of Edda coming of age people are forced to respond to climate changes. The ice caps are melting at a rate no one had anticipated. People go through long periods of drought. The winters are too warm. More and more frequently, people experience extreme cold bursts. In all ways extreme weather conditions. The world is changing, and some might claim that we're heading towards a new Ragnarok. Unless someone intervenes in time.

Here is the Trailer:

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