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Updated: May 17

What do you need to know about Oxygen movie:

The movie Oxygen is a genre of Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and is played with a single actress throughout Elizabeth 'Liz' Hansen (Mélanie Laurent). The plot of Oxygen is with Elizabeth waking up locked in a cryogenic chamber with a computer informing her that she has only 35% oxygen still available. Elizabeth does not remember exactly who she is or how she got in there and everything is a mystery to her that she has to solve quickly and try to save herself because oxygen is running low and she can not get out. Does this plot remind you of anything? I could say that it is a good copy of the movie Buried (2010) after 11 years but with different technology. I do not want to look bad but in the middle of the film I felt that I was watching something similar to the film Buried and by the end I realized that the director Alexandre Aja was clearly influenced by this film as much as he wants to reject it. Of course, Buried was evaluated as a mediocre film of its kind, while Oxygen so far is not doing very well, but this will be seen in 2 months. You can watch the movie Oxygen on the Netflix network.

Oxygen - Inside the cryogenic chamber
Inside the cryogenic chamber

Oxygen plot by Cinemoviez:

A woman wakes up locked in a cryogenic chamber without remembering how she got there and with a vague memory of her past. Having only 35% oxygen in the chamber she must quickly find what is happening and escape from this nightmare that is trapped.

Pros and cons of Oxygen movie:

The positives of Oxygen is that it convinces in its plot, very good acting and script.

But the positives of the film can not save it because the degree of difficulty of the film was very easy compared to other films without wanting to offend the entire production.

The downside is that it looked a lot like a movie we've watched in the past (Buried 2010) and that didn't make it so much interesting. The movie did not manage to keep me in suspense until the end because in the middle of the movie I started to get bored and just wait to see how it would end. Oxygen is generally a very mediocre movie and only Mélanie Laurent's actress made her look good.

Oxygen - image

Rating by Cinemoviez:

From criticism, the audience has two views with the first finding it fantastic and the second considering it a very bad movie, but what is the reality?

The film as a degree of difficulty had a very easy role and I believe that they spent more time creating the cryogenic chamber than doing the shooting of the film and that is so funny. So you understand that even if it was the perfect film of the year and for that reason alone it could never exceed 8/10 in ratings when other film directors have put their souls into what they do and have not managed to reach so much high up. My rating for the movie Oxygen is 7/10 and I think it's the fairest for the one hour and forty minutes I watched.

Oxygen - Cover


Title: Oxygen

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes

Network: Netflix

CMZ rating: 7/10

Release Date: 12 May 2021

Watch Oxygen Trailer below:

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