Netflix - What you need to look out to enjoy whatever you watch

What you need to look out for on Netflix to enjoy whatever you watch:

As for the movies, you will see that there are many in all genres, but there are few movies that are worth watching. Netflix gives you a percentage of each movie depending on how well the movie suits you, but it has failed because the algorithm it uses for this obviously calculates the type of movies you liked. It is better to choose the type of movie you want and before you decide to click play read the reviews of the movie and its ratings because it is better to spend 5-10 minutes reading than to lose hours of your life if you choose the wrong movie for you. As far as the series is concerned, Netflix has a tendency to make good series and if the first season does not go well, it stops and the fans are left with questions. So I would suggest you choose series that already have at least two seasons to stay satisfied with what you watch. Of course, it is difficult to do this in some series that you have been waiting for a long time to watch like The Witcher and it is completely understandable. Usually, when a series goes well after a few weeks Netflix announces the following season.

Is Netflix subscription worth it or not?

As long as covid-19 is out there Netflix is ​​growing and in the last two years, it has become very large like all the subscription channels. I think it is worth the money because it has a very large amount in series and movies with some of them standing out for their quality like La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) which is known all over the world. The subscription price is affordable so far and for someone who is a fan of cinema why not be a subscriber. The subscription is every month and you can stop it whenever you want. Also, Netflix is ​​getting ready to enter the gaming space dynamically in the coming years, so get ready.

The trick that many Netflix subscribers use for cheaper Netflix:

There are many subscribers who are unable to pay a full monthly subscription and make it to four. Netflix so far allows 4 devices to be online at the same time from one account. Next one of the four participants creates an account and pays the subscription let's say 14 dollars. The one who created the account gives the username and password to the other three and they give him $ 3.5, so in short 4 people have a Netflix with $ 3.5 a month !!! Be careful that people are common people or very good friends, do not try it in any case with strangers, and make sure your username and password are unique only for logging in to Netflix.

If you are a new member of the Netflix network below we suggest some movies and series that you should watch:

Action: Extraction, 6 Underground, The old guard, Spenser, Polar, Triple Frontier

Drama: News of the world, The midnight sky, The trial of the Chicago 7, The Irishman, The Half of it

Comedy: Fatherhood, Sextuplets, Coffee & Kareem

*Here I would suggest the movie Extraction if you like full action and the movie 6 Underground that has action and some comic elements to entertain you.

Avoid the following movies that Netflix will suggest you watch this season:

Stowaway, I care a lot, Baggio: The divine ponytail, Sky High

*Certainly not Stowaway as it is very boring and takes place with just 4 actors throughout the film.

Must watch series:

Action - Fantasy: The Witcher, Ragnarok, Shadow and Bone, Stranger Things

Action: Lupin, Money Heist, Cobra Kai (For those who have watched karate kid)

Drama: Who killed Sara? , The Crown, The Queen's Gambit, Dark, Ozark, Breaking bad, Unorthodox

Crime – Drama – Mystery: Mindhunter, Stranger, Blacklist

*It is worth noting that the Spanish and Korean series have entered the field of cinema very dynamically in recent years and I would suggest one of them to be the Stranger series in your list of drama categories.

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