Movie copyrights and solutions that will make you legitimate and right for online movie watching

What is happening in our time:

We all need to understand that the copyrights of a film must be fully understood and respected by all of us.We live in an age where copyrights infringement has not yet been punished as it should be as a result of having thousands of illegal websites on the internet showing movies for free to the public and extorting huge sums of money from the producers and the entire staff of these films.These websites without paying anything for the promotion of movies and series through advertising make a lot of money and when you make a complaint then they just close the website without any penalty usually, and because there are no fines after a while new websites are published.Of course we have all watched a movie on such a website but I would justify it if you were under 17 years old,After 17 I think someone is mature enough to understand what I'm talking about.

I find it difficult to pay to watch movies:

Of course i respect it, but really tell me if you would ever go to the cinema to watch a movie when you would not be financially comfortable ? The answer is no and it is exactly the same thing. in a short time they will start to come very large fines to offenders and you will wish you had not violated them so be careful.

Alternative solutions:

There are always alternative solutions but you do not get the quality you would like. There are many movies where they are free to watch and below you will find five of the best sites to watch movies for free and legally.

CrackleSony, Movieflix, Popcornflix, AZMovies, Vumoo for more details on what each page provides its pros and cons you can visit another of our posts below

Cheap paid websites:

Due to the competition and the many illegal websites for showing movies and series, these webpages have dropped their subscriptions a lot and we can say that in general the subscriptions for what they offer are quite cheap.

For example, the biggest colossus in this area has been Netflix for a few years now, where it exclusively screens its own movies and series with great success and cheap price.

Do you want to have cheap Netflix?

A netflix subscription may be a bit expensive for some but what if you could lower its price to 1/5? Too many subscribers around the world use this trick and have very cheap netflix all you need are friends who like netflix.

The trick I will say is what many people know, but be careful because it is against Netflix's policy. So let's say the subscription is at $ 15 right now, and you already have an account then you give your password to 4 friends or family then everyone makes a profile and that's it. You are 5 people in one account and one subscription !! ! let's do the math $ 15 subscription and 5 people so 15/5 = 3. So each of you will have to pay $ 3 a month to have netflix, how do you feel? just pay attention to who you give your passwords to be very close friends or family. the only downside is that you have to make the payment $ 15 and get $ 3 separately from the rest 4 people who you add in your Netflix account.

After some quick talking with people I present you some of the funny excuses I receive where offenders try to come out innocent when I talk about copyrights and i give you my answers:

I don’t want to pay for it – How old are you ?

It gets delayed in my country – So you are so excited that you can't wait hah ?

I will watch it only once – why you don't go robbing a bank only once ?

The creators already have enough money - you do not care how much money everyone has in their wallet you should be honest and look at your own money.

See, others are also doing it –so if you see a lot of sheep falling on the cliff you will fall because the others do too. Great

I don’t know that I’m a pirate – Now you know.

Thank you for reading my post and i hope i helped you a little with my opinion in this topic.

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