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Updated: May 17

What do you need to know about Alice in Borderland Netflix series:

Alice in Borderland series aired for the first time on the Netflix network on December 10, 2020 and I decided to write about it today because I had some doubts about whether it would be successful but in the end, it seems that Netflix subscribers liked it. The series has a good plot that will need a lot of imagination to understand what is happening, it is quite special because you can not predict the sequel and that makes every episode interesting and keeps you in suspense. The genre of the series is action, fantasy, and mystery that there really is a perfect balance in all three genres that makes the viewer know well in order to watch. The plot is a bit like a young man who goes to another dimension and had to participate in life and death games without having a choice but the detailed plot of the series you will read below. I believe that for fans of this genre it is worth watching and it is a mediocre to good series.

Alice in Borderland empty tokyo
Empty tokyo

Alice in Borderland plot by Cinemoviez:

Arisu and his two best friends Chota and Karube are hiding in a subway toilet chased by police. When they leave it they find that all the people of Tokyo have disappeared and the city is empty. Then they will be forced to participate in life and death games with the only option being victory otherwise those who do not participate in the games are executed by the creator of the games.

Pros and cons of Alice in Borderland series:

The positives are that in general it was very good in everything with the special plot raising it high.

The downside is that the beach event you will watch is not so convincing and I would have preferred to have watched something else that would convince me based on what I watched in previous episodes, it is a scene that you will remember what I tell you when you watch it.

Alice in Borderland second game
One of the survival games

Rating by Cinemoviez:

Very interesting plot, a lot of imagination and good direction together with the perfect acting makes the series successful and we give it a score of 7.9/10.

Will there be a second Season for Alice in Borderland ?

So far nothing official has been announced from the Netflix network and on IMDB it seems that a second season has been registered without indicating dates and number of episodes. The end of the first season leaves us with many questions that need to be answered and leaves room for a second season to come. We would love to watch another season from Alice in Borderland even if it will be the last.

Alice in Borderland cover


Title: Alice in Borderland

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Mystery

Runtime: 1 Season 8 Episodes ~48 Minutes each

Network: Netflix

CMZ rating: 7,9/10

Release Date: 10 December 2020

Watch Alice in Borderland Trailer below:

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