2067 Review

2067 Review:

2026 is a film that has tried very hard to become a Sci-Fi blockbuster but obviously never succeeded and today its IMDB ratings are around 4,8/10 with 3097 votes.The film is clearly a low budget affair and this results in poor acting and bad quality of the film.The positives for us are the sound and the pictures that travels you a few moments in another environment and the negatives are the dialogues that are for a second category film and the acting is a great failure not to mention the choice of the protagonist Kodi Smit-McPhee as Ethan Whyte in the movie.

About Kodi Smit-McPhee in 2067 movie: We have no problem with the cast of Kodi Smit-McPhee for example thankfully very much in the Alpha movie where the role fits perfectly, but not all the actors for all the roles and in this particular movie kodi does not fit at all.3 wins and 23 nominations doesn't mean that an actor is for all roles.

Storyline: Due to oxygen crisis death is breaking out all over the world.Ethan Whyte is an ordinary man who works on the city's unstable nuclear reactor and has a sick wife Xanthe.all begins when they receive a message from the future that says send Ethan Whyte.Scientists believe that the person who sent this message has find a cure.So they developed a portal to the future,but they don’t really have a way to get him back.Ethan decides to take the risk and try to save his wife and the whole world. by Cinemoviez

Director Seth Larney:

I believe that the director Seth Larney can do much better, although this particular one is a bit underrated in his field and unfortunately this screening of the film does not honor him very much.What I really liked is that the director put vegetation and green in the film on the journey to the future while in such films you usually see fire and destruction. Well done for something different that he presented to us. He still has a lot to give us in the field of directing.

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Genre: Sci-Fi


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