18 Presents Review

18 Presents Review

18 Presents is another proof that the Netflix has the ability to create fantastic movies of any kind. We can give it the title as the best drama film of 2020 so far and what makes it even more interesting is that it is inspired by true events.The movie is very emotional and makes you think about the importance a mother's role is in a child's life.Αnother advantage is that the movie has good acting from the smallest to the biggest role.

Our Rate for this Movie is 9/10

Ιs it worth watching?

Only if you like drama genre movies and you are ready to cry :P

Director:  Francesco Amato

Genre:     Drama

Runtime:  115  min.

Release Date: 2 January 2020 (Italy)

Budget: EUR 2,500,000(estimated)


Elisa is only forty when an incurable disease takes her from her husband and their daughter. Before her heart stops, Elisa finds a way to stay close to her: a gift for every birthday up to her adult age, 18 gifts to try to accompany her child's growth year after year. Written by X

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